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Ameya Wadekar -Vocal Classical Music

[Agra Gharana]

Ameya has been learning  Indian Classical Music from renowned musician from GoaPdt Kamlakar Naik . Talent, perseverance combined with hard work lead to success; this is what Shri Ameya Wadekar has adopted in his career as a vocalist. His melodious voice and intricacies of 'Tanas' give immense joy to the listeners. His style is deeply rooted in traditions but his imagination knows no boundaries, sky is the only limit. Hence, there is always a feeling of newness in his rendering. He has given a number of performances in various cities all over Goa and Maharashtra.

He is actively engaged in Music Direction. He has to his credit a number of articles on Music.Ameya also has been actively involved with Music related event management and has been an active catalyst of Rythm Seven.


  • Performed in Ponda festival-Goa-2003/2004/2005/06/2007.

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Near Wadi ,Ponda Talaulim Road,





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